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Guangzhou Panyu District Yainky Sound Equipment Factory
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Guangzhou Panyu District Yainky Sound Equipment Factory

Guangzhou Panyu District Yainky Sound Equipment Factory


Amps / PA Sound System Amplifier TK-T33

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Amps / PA Sound System Amplifier TK-T33

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1.     CD player, USB/SD/MMC
2.      One built-in RCA audio input jack, playing music by connecting computer, disk player or MP3 player;
3.      Built-in USB jack (can play songs stored in USB disk), SD/MMC cards (can play songs stored in the card);
4.      One built-in 12V/12AH rechargeable battery;
5.      Two VHF wireless MIC, one wired MIC jack (6.35mm), total three people can use at the same time;
6.     one guitar input jack (6.35mm), connect with e-guitar;
7.      MIC echo and volume control button;
8.      music volume control button
9.      three kinds of power supply are available:
a)       by connecting AC
b)       by built-in DC battery
c)        by external DC 12V battery
Power supply: AC185V-265V, DC12V, AC85V-265V (50-60HZ) of charging voltage, one DC12V/12AH built-in battery, with an external 12V power interface
Frequency range: VHF174-270MHZ, 2 channel wireless microphone (handheld/ tie clip for choice)
Input terminal: external audio input, two wired microphone jacks
Output terminal: external audio output
Output Power: RMS 120W, music 240W, peak 480W
Operating time: 3-6 hours
Charging time: 6-10 hours
Speakers: one 8’’ full range speaker and one 3’’ middle tweeter horn
Wireless microphone effective range: 30-50 meters
Material: wood, metal, aluminum alloy
Size: 325*270*625MM
Net Weight: 16.75kg
Wireless MIC transmitter
Frequency range: 147-270MHz
Frequency response: 100Hz-10KHz
Sensitivity: 80dB
Working temperature: -10 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius
Battery specification: 9V battery
Battery working time: 36 hours (select handheld/lapel/headset mic according to the usage)
Package: EPE & two cartons
Applicable Scope:
Room, outside (especially suitable dancing, gymnastics, demonstration’s loud-speaker, recorded, play) teaching, conference, classroom, military training, guide, sales promotion, public sale’s loudspeaker recorder play, pageant, congregation, make a speech, traffic command, exhibition—various locale move’s popular loud-speak, recorder, play.


EPE & two cartons

  Package Size

325 x 270 x 625   Millimeters

  Package Weight

16.75   Kilograms

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